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Indiana law recognizes that disabled individuals have rights to protect them in the workplace. The Americans with Disabilities Act is the foundation of these discrimination protections.

When you’ve been discriminated against in Indiana based on your disability status, then you need a disability rights attorney that has successfully defended employment discrimination cases like yours. We have experience defending discrimination victims across Indiana, including Indianapolis, Greenwood, Carmel, and Shelbyville.

Here are some of the questions we’ve answered over the years:

  • How Can ADA Law Firms Protect My Rights?
  • What Is The Americans With Disabilities Act?
  • What Types Of Discrimination Can An Americans With Disabilities Act Law Firm Protect Me Against?

How Can ADA Law Firms Protect My Rights?

When you face discrimination in the workplace because of a disability, then you have rights. Indiana employment laws acknowledge that workers with disabilities are fully capable of making quality contributions.

This is why the Americans with Disabilities Act was introduced and why it’s still enforced today. This act requires employers to make reasonable accommodations for employees and job applicants with disabilities.

A seasoned disability law attorney knows how ADA impacts your case and has a proven track record of helping people fight for their rights in court when they’ve been discriminated against. Your Johnson County attorney will help you through the entire legal process.

Initially, they can help you determine if you have a valid disability discrimination claim. Once this has been established, your employment lawyer will set to work building your case. They’ll offer honest legal advice, aggressive advocacy, and ensure your rights are protected at every point of the legal process.

What Is The Americans With Disabilities Act?

This civil rights law was put in place to protect Americans with disabilities in 1990. It ensures that individuals are protected at work, school, in transportation, public and private places that are open to the public. This law was designed so that disabled Americans would enjoy the same rights and opportunities as anyone else.

The civil rights protections granted to Americans through the ADA are enforced in the state of Indiana, including Johnson County. If your rights granted by the ADA are being violated, then contact a discrimination law office to discuss your legal options as soon as possible.

What Types Of Discrimination Can An Americans With Disabilities Act Law Firm Protect Me Against?

Discrimination against disabled persons takes many forms. The Americans with Disabilities Act was developed to protect a range of people against unfair discrimination practices. Your ADA discrimination attorney will be able to protect you from a variety of discriminatory practices including:

  • Employer failing to make reasonable accommodations for your disability,
  • Demotions based on a person’s disability,
  • Failure to promote because of a disability,
  • Termination or firing of an individual because of their disability,
  • Harassment, hurtful comments, or jokes regarding a person’s disability.

These workplace practices are unacceptable, harmful, and illegal. If you’re facing a similar discrimination like the examples stated above, then you can take legal action against your employer.

An award-winning labor law attorney will know exactly how to defend you and protect your rights under the ADA. Each case is different, and a seasoned ADA lawyer will be able to plot the best legal course of action for your individual situation.

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