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The term “slip and fall” refers to a type of accident that occurs when a person loses their footing and falls. These accidents can occur practically anywhere, from a grocery store or restaurant to a parking lot or work environment.

Regardless of where the accident occurred, you will need representation from a slip and fall attorney in order to recover the compensation you deserve. Take the first step towards seeking justice by contacting Henn Haworth Cummings + Page today.

Below are some FAQs we have received about slip and fall cases in Johnson County:

  • How Much Is A Slip And Fall Case Worth?
  • Are Slip And Fall Cases Hard For Law Firms To Win
  • How Many Slip And Fall Cases Go To Trial

How Much Is A Slip And Fall Case Worth?

Many clients want to know the average slip and fall settlement, but the truth is this number is not a good indicator of how much compensation you will receive. Why? Each injury claim is unique, and the value of your claim will depend on several factors, including the nature of your injuries, expected recovery, and method of treatment.

No attorney can determine how much your claim is worth without first learning more about your case. For this reason, it’s best to discuss your case with an attorney if you are interested in learning the value of your claim.

Are Slip And Fall Cases Hard For Law Firms To Win?

No personal injury claim is an easy win—especially when it comes to slip and fall cases. A slip and fall case is difficult to win because it can be challenging to prove that the owner of the property where the accident occurred is liable. Furthermore, many property owners hire a team of attorneys, which makes handling a slip and fall case on your own nearly impossible.

If you want to recover compensation, you must work with an attorney who can go head-to-head with the defendant. Hiring an experienced attorney who knows what evidence is needed to prove liability is the key to winning your case.

How Many Slip And Fall Cases Go To Trial?

Most slip and fall cases—in fact, the vast majority of all personal injury cases—do not ever go to trial. Instead, these cases are settled outside of the courtroom in negotiations between the defendant and your attorney.

Your case will only go to trial if the at-fault party is not willing to make a fair offer during the negotiation stage of your case. When this happens, your attorney can stop the negotiations, file a slip and fall lawsuit, and take your case to court to secure compensation for your injuries.

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