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In the state of Indiana, it is illegal for an employer to terminate a worker based on discrimination or retaliation. If you’ve been unfairly fired from your job, then it’s possible to take legal action against the company. Indiana labor laws are on your side in these types of situations.

At Henn Haworth Cummings + Page, we assist victims across Indiana with their discrimination and employment law claims. We practice in Greenwood, Zionsville, Carmel, Shelbyville, Columbus, and Indianapolis to name a few cities. No matter where we’re hired to litigate, we are often asked the same questions when it comes to wrongful termination.

Here are a few of the frequent ones we hear:

  • What Should I Do If I Was Wrongfully Fired In Indiana?
  • How Can A Labor Law Lawyer Help Me With My Wrongful Termination Case?
  • Do Indiana Laws Protect Me From Being Wrongfully Fired?

What Should I Do If I Was Wrongfully Fired In Indiana?

In Johnson County and throughout this state, employees have rights when they’ve been wrongfully fired. If you’ve been let go from your job for an unlawful reason, then you need to act quickly. Whether you decide to file a claim on your own through a government agency or hire a legal professional to help you with a private suit, there are steps you should take.

The first thing you should do when you’ve been let go from your job is to collect your records. Ask your former boss or employer for documentation of your termination. If possible, also ask for items from your personal file such as reviews, reports, and other details of your employment history.

Aside from collecting records, you should also take notes. In your notes include dates, names of people involved, and the locations of employment-related events like salary changes, commendations, reviews, and comments on your work. It’s important to write these things down as soon as possible so you can build a strong case against the business.

How Can A Labor Law Lawyer Help Me With My Wrongful Termination Case?

Once you’ve been terminated, it’s time to act fast. The best Indiana employment lawyers will be able to assess your situation, offer honest legal advice, and successfully guide you through the claim and lawsuit process.

Your attorney will fight aggressively for your rights in court and pursue maximum compensation. You could be entitled to compensatory damages, punitive damages, back pay, and even reinstatement of your position.

There is a lot to be gained, and it’s important that you work with a lawyer that handles wrongful termination claims. An experienced labor attorney in Greenwood will know how employment laws apply to your case and will act quickly to get you the compensation you deserve.

Do Indiana Laws Protect Me From Being Wrongfully Fired?

It’s against Federal law for employees to be discriminated against for a number of reasons. Indiana laws enforce these protections. Discrimination on the basis of age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, pregnancy, disability, or medical leave status is illegal.

When you’ve been fired for discriminatory reasons, then you could have grounds for a lawsuit. A seasoned employment rights attorney will be able to assess your case and determine the specific laws that apply to your situation.

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